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Nov 03, 2023

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Nov 03, 2023

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Powers Careers and Business Success

Por Invenergy

At Invenergy, we know diverse and inclusive teams power our collective success. In fact, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is one of our core values. By enabling employees to bring their authentic selves to work, they’re able to bring a diversity of ideas and perspectives to the table and grow our business, as well as their careers.
In fact, it’s been shown that companies in the top quartile of gender diversity were found to be 25% more profitable than others, and those in the top quartile of ethnic diversity are 36% more profitable.1
To support the continued growth of our business, our workforce and the industry at large, Invenergy is committed to upholding the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we’re proud to spotlight a few of our leaders who continue to help us in our mission as innovators building a sustainable world.
Among these trailblazers are Monica Carballeira Garcia, who holds the position of Third-Party Services Vice President, Soledad Linayo Fernandez, Head of Major Correctives, and Azucena Leal Freire, Head of Internal Operations.
Monica Carballeira Garcia, VP, Third-Party Services, Invenergy Services Spain
Monica Carballeira Garcia is a seasoned leader in Spain's renewable energy sector and one of the driving forces behind the Invenergy Services Spain team, formerly known as HUSO. At only 26 years old, she co-founded HUSO, which focused on providing maintenance, assembly, and major corrective services for wind farms. With over two decades of experience, Carballeira Garcia brings a unique blend of strategic acumen, environmental commitment, and a visionary mindset to her leadership role.
In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Carballeira Garcia’s journey was anything but easy. She often had to assert herself to gain recognition as a leader, frequently finding herself as the only woman in decision-making meetings.
Recalling those challenges, she says, "There were various instances where clients would call and ask me to transfer the call to my father or husband. They couldn't fathom that I could be one of the owners of the company solely because I was a woman in a male-dominated space."
Carballeira Garcia’s expertise was a critical reason Invenergy Services acquired HUSO in 2022, and she and her team continue to be instrumental to Invenergy Services’ continued success.
"A diverse workforce brings together a wide variety of people with different experiences, skills, perspectives, and insights to solve problems,” adds Carballeira Garcia. “Gender diversity translates to improved performance and better decision-making – I believe it's imperative for business success to continue striving for it."
Soledad Linayo Fernandez, Head of Major Correctives, Invenergy Services Spain
Soledad Linayo Fernandez's journey at Invenergy Services Spain began 17 years ago. Initially a forest engineer, she started as a topographer and spent three years working in surveying. Due to circumstances and challenges in the Spanish civil works industry, Soledad adapted within the company and transitioned through various departments, eventually landing in the large correctives department, which she now leads.
As the head of large correctives, Soledad manages all major corrective measures within the company, from mobilization to personnel and transport management. She serves as the direct contact between clients and suppliers, overseeing a team of 30 people.
"My experience in different departments within the company allowed me to develop a deep understanding of its operations and collaborate with various people and personalities,” says Soledad. “This experience serves me well as a leader, where patience, empathy, and a strong work ethic are essential qualities."
Azucena Leal Freire, Head of Internal Operations, Invenergy Services Spain
Azucena Leal Freire has been a part of Invenergy Services Spain for 17 years and had a similar start as a topographer. Over the years, she transitioned through various roles, including warehouse manager, purchasing manager, and construction manager.
In her current role, she manages construction projects, working with teams ranging from four to 20 people, depending on the project's scale.
“This company has given me numerous opportunities to learn and grow,” Leal Freire says. ”I’ve always felt supported and appreciated, and my 17-year tenure here speaks to that. I value the diverse team we've built, composed of individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, as there is always something to learn from someone that can help you excel in your role."
The women of Invenergy Services Spain's leadership team have displayed remarkable resilience and leadership qualities in an industry traditionally dominated by men. As Spain's renewable energy sector continues to evolve, these women serve as inspiring role models, paving the way for more women to excel in leadership positions and contributing to the industry's growth and success.
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